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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Anita Babcock

Is this the Rebekah Brokaw that was in Canby, Ca for a while? I lived with her here if it is. This sounds like the same person. Do you have any other details?

AL Hurd

Rebekah did live in CA for a while, on and off. She was originally from Roswell, GA where I went to High School with her.

Billy Perkins

Wow, that is a shock. I first met Rebekah when we were in fifth grade together and she was indeed a special person. We can only be comforted in the hope that she is in a better place.

Gary Parnaby

I just heard about this today. Wow, I am numb with shock. I wish I could have known her better, and I am glad she did move towards Christ. With that, I know I will see her again, and she is with the Father.

God bless her and her family.

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