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Monday, June 11, 2007


Keith Konior

Cowardly. Gutless. Chickenshit. "St. Elsewhere's" finale was a masterpiece compared to this. Chase should be fucking ashamed of himself. Religiously fanatical "Soprano" people have been talking themselves into liking it all over the Web (as did you, sir)...The final episode of a show this good should not require an almost physical effort to digest easily. Enough with symbolism and shit. It was time for blood, one way or another. "AfterMASH" had a better last episode, and it was cancelled after 5 weeks. I do not believe the "Sopranos" to be the best show ever on television...Wake me out of a sound sleep, and I could name 5 shows that were better...But I did like it a lot. Some insane person at "The Chase Lounge" compared David Chase to William Shakespeare...Willie ended his stories with passionate confidence. David Chase chose to waffle to the point of laughable pussiness, and fled to France to avoid the inevitable fallout. France. How fitting.

AL Hurd

"passionate confidence" - I like that. Lovely turn of phrase.

But I did not need to talk myself into liking the finale. I appreciated its artistic merit. And as I stated clearly above, did not find it satisfying.

Finally, I don't think the ending required blood. It didn't even require Tony to "change." What I missed was a simple retrospective that might of at least let us know what everyone else was doing as they "turned off the light." We've seen such before from Chase in the finale to season 2.


Keith Konior

Okay. I was wrong. It took me watching the last 2 "Sopranos" episodes again to realize it, but I was DEAD wrong. This show had a definative ending, I was just too thick to see it at first. The abrupt fade to black was Tony getting clipped, no doubt about it. Chase himself said, "It's all there." A high-ranking HBO exec all but confirmed the same. Hindsight is always 20/20...But I am actually a little embarrassed that I didn't figure this out sooner. Christ, maybe David Chase is that much smarter than the rest of us...He had me going for a number of days...On a sad note, however, there also fly out the window any hopes for a "Sopranos" feature film. (I hope FlyOnMelfisWall has figured this out, too. She was pissed.)

AL Hurd

Well, I am glad you at least came around to finding some appreciation for the ending. You should post over at Chase Lounge. Most of my thoughts on this are already posted over there (or you could just call, ya jackass - no emoticon since you despise those but consider my tongue firmly sticking out at you.)

But short story - I disagree. I think the family goes on and on and on, just like the song says.


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