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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Nina Beaver

I really liked this movie mostly bc it is "funny" in the midst of a crappy life. That is my favorite story line. Also, it is also saying "shove it" to the snobby people. Like "we are gonna do what we want and like it whether you like it or not." The main thing is that they are a family that sticks together even though they all have their weird ideas and quirks. Also, there are awesome actors in it.

Hey, I was wondering if you would watch and review "Sunshine Cleaning" bc I love that movie!!!? It could probably be in the same category as this one, maybe slightly more sad, but it's one of my favs.

AL Hurd

Thanks for reading, Nina. I'll have to put Sunshine Cleaning on the list of movies to watch. I've been remiss of late. Last thing I saw was Hot Tub Time Machine and it sucked. John Cusack...where have you gone?


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