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Friday, June 09, 2006


Al Hurd

I thought I might address some of the more spoiler specific issues in the comments section to allow those who do not wish to read them the chance to avoid it. So if you don't want spoilers, do not read this comment.

With that said, let's take a look at a few other things not mentioned in the review.

1.) There is quite a bit of death in this movie, starting first and foremost with Scott Summers/Cyclops. Though we do not see it (which is why I called it "seemingly" in the review) it is not a leap of thought to assume that he is dead. Jean certainly thinks she killed him, or the Phoenix did. And he is missing from the rest of the picture. The ramifications of such are discussed above.

Charles Xavier himself supposedly dies as well, obliterated by The Phoenix. It is a sad but awesome moment. But you must stay for the credits to end to see a final ending which I will discuss below.

Some of the other newly introduced characters also die - Callisto, Arclight and Psylocke among them. Their deaths seem an oddity to me other than it was assumed they were simply a one shot deal. I cannot say it is a problem, but many fans of some of these characters would have most likely desired to see the character return in some fashion. Psylocke especially supposedly becomes a good mutant in the future (from the comics) and many would have liked to see her do so on film.

And lastly, Jean herself is once again killed at the end of the movie. It's an incredible moment between her and Wolverine, yet I cannot help but think that given the Phoneix force, writers could not come up with some way of bringing the character/s back.

Given what we find out from Xavier's last scene - the one after the credits roll - it is left open as to how certain characters might be able to return. He has discussed earlier how it would be possible for one person to inhabit another's body. And in the last scene, a comatose man turns to the doctor previously introduced in the film and calls out her name in her mind. She responds with "Charles?"

2.) Some mutants lose their powers due to the cure - Mystique, Magneto and Rogue especially. The first two not out of desire, but in Rogue's case, so she has the chance to touch Bobby and others without bad effect. However, the ending of the film leaves it open that Magneto may not in fact be totally "cured." If so, then it is possible that whatever they were given was not permanent and thus each might return with their powers restored.

Both of these elements are certainly at the whim and desire of the actors to play the roles, I would think. If they cannot get them back for another film, I see no reason to try and resurrect them. It is said that a Magneto movie is in the works, but it will most likely focus on an earlier time in Magneto's life thus it would not break continuity for him to have his metal controlling powers.

3.) There are simply some awesome moments for fans of the comics - Iceman ices up fully! The Beast is truly that when he fights in the final battle! Kitty's movements through solids are exactly as I read them in the comics and are a joy to behold, especially as she brings others with her! Angel flies and has some beautiful moments. Though his introduction is completely wrong from a comic standpoint (he was in fact one of the original X-Men), it works perfectly how his character is incorporated into this world.

And the effects surrounding The Phoenix are outstanding. Some have complained about them but they seem perfect to me - she flies, she flames up to a point (at least behind her) and the dark side of The Phoenix is amazing to watch. I would have liked to see perhaps a flaming phoenix rise from the lake when she is first introduced, but no matter. The rest makes up for it.

If I think of any others, I will add them but these are the things that stick in my mind. Like I said in the main review - go see the film. Again...that is all.

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