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Monday, March 20, 2006


joey joe-joe

Adriana, a strong, moral character? She lived with a murderer and knew what he was about (even if she didn't know specifics), hung out with mafiosos, used drugs, had a history of promiscuous sex (even giving the guy from Penn and Teller oral sex in a bathroom stall), had an abortion, helped cover up a murder in her club, and lied to the FBI several times.

The only reason she was cooperating with the FBI was to save herself from prison. She talked about doing it for Christopher, and maybe that was part of it, but she was always looking out for #1 - as Chris said, "she couldn't do five years for me?"

I think you might want to think again about calling Adriana a Strong Moral Character.

Al Hurd

joey-joe-joe - I admit, it is a stretch. Thus the phrase, "In fact, if there ever was one on the show, it was Ade." I don't truly think she was. But certainly more so that her cohorts.

In fact, the only true moral characters on the show are Charmiane and Melfi, but not being directly involved in that world, one cannot truly include them in the evil/good comparison.

But good point. Sorry that I did not make it clear enough. I should have written that differently. And thanks for the comment!


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