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Friday, September 02, 2005



I am getting a bit disgusted with the blame game, which seems to rise up before any one thinks of how to resolve the situation. What's even more disgusting is the Louisiana officials are attempting to act like the innocent ones. Before the hurricane even hit the Federal government said, "Do you need help?" Louisiana said no, they could handle it. Mississippi, on the other hand, said yes. Now, Mississippi is being rebuilt and is in a fairly stable condition while Louisiana is a total mess. Suddenly, Louisiana is claiming that the federal government didn't do enough. Someone is covering someone's butt here, and I don't think its the "men in black" from the federal government. It's a little hard for the federal government to do any thing when you exact "state's rights."

What's also interesting is that things done in other states in case of hurricanes were not done in Louisiana. Florida, for example, when a hurricane reaches a dangerous level, tries to evacuate and prepare five (or maybe three, I forget) days early. Louisiana did it one day early. Also, Florida has school busses specifically designated to go into poor or impoverished areas and evacuate people out in case of a hurricane. Louisiana didn't even do that.

My sympathy is with the people trapped amidst the damage, suffering from it, and those who have lost everything. My sympathy is not with state officials who have only to lose their position of power and are trying to cover their mistakes. Of course, people may forget these simple facts, and hardcore Bush-haters will add this to their memory bank of other reasons to hate Bush, but nothing will change what really happened. If we make up a scapegoat we'll never be able to prevent it from happening again.


I have no doubt that the city will be restored. It may take time, and it may be slow, and there may be setbacks along the way, but there is something irrepresible and unbowed about the human spirit, and about the cities and places that characterise that spirit. Knowing only a little of America, and of the people who make Ameirca a great country, I am optimistic for the future of New Orleans.

In some respects I do not regard my trip to New Orleans to be cancelled, just postponed for a while.

Andy Williams

That's right, it's me. How are you doin'?

Al Hurd

Thanks for the comments guys. And I agree with you, Lewis. We'll have a grand old time in NO when this is all said and done.

And Andy - I'm doing fine. How the hell are you? Thanks for stopping by. How in the heck did you find my little corner of screedy screediness on the internet? Did Konior mention it? Regardless, thanks for stopping by and I hope you check around. I doubt you'll agree with everything I have to say (since we never really agreed, politically) but I think you'll enjoy some of it, and at least appreciate the writing.

Now sing us a song, Mr. Williams. ;)


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