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Sunday, February 27, 2005



One of the only conspiracy theories I ever believed was that Audrey Hepburn got snubbed at the Academy Awards for "My Fair Lady." I mean, everyone got a prize except for her, and that went to Julie Andrews, who originally was going to be Eliza Dolittle. I mean c'mon - Rex Harrison? He's not a bad actor, but I didn't see him too differently in My Fair Lady than any of his other roles.

Peter O'Toole and Gregory Peck are a tough call, though honestly if I was a judge...I'd probably decide on O'Toole. His role in Lawrence of Arabia not only was his shining moment, but he put a lot of effort and grief into that role. I understand he still suffers from it today. At least O'Toole has had that competition throughout his life - Cliff Robertson's Charly, Robert DeNiro, Ben Kingsley. John Wayne I don't mind too much here, I actually really liked his performance in "True Grit." Gotta love him grabbing both rifles and yelling, "Fill yer hands, you sonuvabitch!"

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