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Thursday, January 27, 2005


Lewis Maskell

Is it that there are turning into crap, or simply that this is what they always have been and you are now more aware of it?

Al Hurd

Most likely the latter, Lewis. But because I have followed them so closely for these past many years, I still see some great performances that sneak through and actually win, if you can believe it.

It's funny, there are good years and bad years. I recall 1990 being a horrible year, except for Joe Pesci winning for Goodfellas. But that same year, Godfather III was nominated for best film. Insane.

I will always watch them, but even I have to admit that politics reigns there more than anything else. When Paul Newman wins for Color of Money and not for Hud, Cool Hand Luke or The Hustler, something is amiss. When Bette Davis wins for Dangerous and Jezebel but not for Dark Victory and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, I must admit that something is lacking. Shoot, she was not even nominated for Of Human Bondage, and many say she was given the award the next year just to compensate.

But for every Marisa Tomei (for My Cousin Vinny) the is a Martin Landau (for Ed Wood). I just hope that Peter O'toole gets that last great role so he can get was has obviously been coming to him for 50 years.

And as I said, they are the only ones coming from their peers (yes, you could include the Screen Actors Guild, but they don't have quite to gravitas that the Oscars do). Many times, I console myself by saying - hey, there are only so many slots for nominations. Let's just hope the best man WINS.


P.S. Lewis - when the heck are you going to return to Paradox? We miss you, sir.


You're absolutely right, the Oscars do manage to award good performances or other fine film works every now and then.

The sad thing is, nowadays it almost seems like they do it "by accident" or, as you said, to compensate for unpopular mistakes. They have had some better years than others, but recently it seems every Oscars drives me up the wall for their apparent lack of what a real good choice would be. IMHO, the Oscars have slowly been sinking into just another entertainment show with no real meaning except a popular heritage.

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