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Tuesday, January 25, 2005



Quite frankly, teh oscars = bite me. Yes that's an immature and childish way of putting it but its how i feel.

They've aggravated me too much in the past, and especially recently with their "Best Animated Feature" nominations. Their recent picks:

-Shrek 2
-Shark Tale
-The Incredibles

...pretty much shows to me they don't know what they're talking about - let alone they put very little research or thought into the Animation aspect. That was already shown to me with their first-time nominations ("Jimmy Neutron?" You have GOT to be kidding me!!) and then when "Triplets of Belleville" lost to "Finding Nemo." That was the biggest middle finger to the animation world. It shows the Oscars are really more about entertainment than they are about merit.

But that's not the only way the Oscars have made me lose respect for them. I could go on, but this is Al's blog, not mine.

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