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Saturday, June 05, 2004



I actually did an AP Government paper on military spending, and Reagan's build-up actually does have merit contrary to what people say. He understood that the way the Soviet Union's economy worked, for every 1% increase we have in military spending, the Soviets had to increase it by 10%! Probably one reason Russia ended up with more tanks than cash. Tanks are great but you know, you need to put people in them...


Oh yes, and before I forget, I salute him as well. It shocked me greatly to hear the news, I always considered him part of the era that I grew up in. I almost feel like there's an empty spot in that time in my personal history now :( Goodbye, Mister Reagan...


I can see what that has to do with Reagan.

Edit by AL - It's some sort of spam, Keiper. Pay it no mention while I figure out how to get rid of it.

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