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Wednesday, June 09, 2004



I heard of a new documentary about the real trial AND the film. Apparently there's some scandal that the woman's lawyer spent more time negotiating the movie rights than he did trying to defend her case.

I can't vouch for its accuracy...some thing from the grapevine ^^;

Al Hurd

Well, there are two documentaries. The one you speak of is from 1992 and details the director trying to get an interview with Wuornos and finding the lawyer and her adoptive mother a roadblock looking for a payday. It's rather sad, actually.

There is a second one, by the same man, from 2002. This one details more about Wuornos herself, and follows her up until the time she was given the lethal injection. It takes a rather anti-death penalty view, but still shows Aileen Wuornos up close and personal, and let me tell you - she was a pretty scary person.

Nina Beaver

This is also one of my favorite all time movies! After seeing it, I had to rent every documentary on Aileen Wuornos that I could find. I also have seen others since. I also watched the making of Monster. I must admit I did not think much of Charlize Theron until I saw this. After seeing how much as you say "became" Aileen, I realized how great of an actress she was. Still to this day it dusturbs me that she was put to death. I personally don't believe that anyone could turn out decently never seeing love practically from birth. She was beaten and raped by her brother, grandfather, and the neighborhood slut from childhood and then thrown out. She had never seen love. EVER! Then one person she thinks loves her, turns on her. Plus the first guy who she killed had a record for rape and assault already. She later changed her story to the judge about killing people on purpose and sabotaged herself against the people that were witnessing for her from her past and said that they were lieing and that she would kill again bc she wanted to die on death row. What idiot could not see that!!??? She was not stupid, just giving up!!

Back to the acting, Charlize's manorisms with the strange facial expressions, gaining weight, and flipping the greasy hair back all of the time. That just proved to me that she doesn't have to be this beautiful princess actress all of the time. plus the scene when she was washing her arm pits in the gas station stall. That ROCKED! Also, I am picky about hair and make-up (I guess bc of my art/ cosmetology background) and they did great air-brushing on her face to make it look splotchy. It looked REAL. But you mentioned my favorite intense scene and that was the last man she killed. That was incredible!!

So in closing, Monster is my favorite movie of all time!

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