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Tuesday, April 20, 2004



Having made it, now, through 10 novels of the Patrick O'Brien series (out of perhaps 50 or so, I think!), I must say that the movie does represent the series well. But also that it cannot capture the whole sense of the series because the series has such a life of its own.

If you liked the character of the movie -- everything they squeezed into the 2 hours or whatever it was -- then you'll love the books! It's hour upon hour of clever dialogue, irony, humor, fine action, etc. I have rarely found a series more rich in quality and entertainment value.


I'm italian and I saw the dvd of this film only one month ago. I didn't read the book of Patrick O'Brien but I can say that M&C it's very beautiful: the context is important and the actors have worked good.
also the music and the photografy are beautiful.
I hope that will do the second film of M&C

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