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Friday, January 23, 2004


Keith Konior

I just saw "Open Range" a few days ago, and wholeheartedly concur with your excellent review, Mr. Hurd. So, if I have nothing to add, why am I wasting your bandwidth, you ask? Well, I am just saying a nice, friendly hello. Anything wrong with that, Dmitri?..Ahem, sorry...

I read your review and just wanted to chime in about the late Michael Jeter. I, too, have always appreciated and enjoyed his work. His turn in one of my favorite films, "The Fisher King" was brilliant. Unforgettable. One has to realize how easily that role, in lesser hands, might have been annoying or even stereotypical. He made the character three-dimensional effortlessly. And he was fucking hilarious.

Anyway, the reason I am posting is that when I saw his excellent performance in "Open Range," I said to myself, "damn, that sounds like Michael Jeter." Kept watching. "Nah, that can't be him." See, I knew that Jeter had succumbed to complications as a result of AIDS when I was watching this movie, and was totally floored by how healthy and robust his appearance was. He had put back on all the weight he had lost (and then some), and just looked really great. Not at all sick. So, it just startled and surprised me that he didn't look bad, like say, Rock Hudson or Freddie Mercury at the end of his illness. Had I watched the film while he was still alive, and found out that he'd died not long afterwards, I'd have said, "no way." My brother died from AIDS. I know what a person looks like at the end.

Anyway, I dunno what the point of this post is, so I'm gonna end it. All I know is that Mr. Jeter shall be missed and he was taken too soon. Maybe God needed a great character actor?.....

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