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Thursday, October 30, 2003



Mary Ellen Moffet?? Good grief!! JAWS is your number one movie? Eh, at least it wasn't Apocalypse Now. I was ready to bitchslap Dennis Cokehead by the end of that movie.

Fair well and adieu to ye fair Spanish Ladies,
"Easy Rider"

P.S. Am I the only who responds to these things? Your list may be suspect, but your delivery is impeccable.

Al Hurd

Thanks for the compliment there, Easy Rider. As far as I know, you may very well be the only person reading. I get about 14 hits a day, but I don't know how many stick around and actually read the site. You are ceratinly the only one that responds, save for one comment by our illustrious Coach Gantz. Mano-e-mano indeed.

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