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Tuesday, February 02, 2010



Sandra Bullock for Best Actress? Love the girl, but not for that movie.

You know I'll be thrilled if QT wins anything, though I'm also pulling for Bigelow.

I'm still sorting out my picks. I'll be sure to text you during the show like last year (especially regarding the Martin/Baldwin co-hosting thing).

AL Hurd

I'll add your texts to my live-blog if I can keep it up.

I think the top six above awards are pretty much settled for me, at least as far as conventional thinking. There is always a surprise and if one category can do such a thing, it is BSA - Mo'Nique may have to pull an Eddie Murphy this year, but I'll probably still pick her.

I'd love to see Tarantino at least take screenplay and that is a tough category - Hurt Locker, Up...he could pull that one out. Bigelow wins Best Director. I'm calling it now.

I am looking forward to Martin and Baldwin. Good pairing even if it's a blatant advertisement for It's Complicated, starring Meryl "16 Nominations" Streep. ;)

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